Amazon wields unprecedented power over our communities, commerce and communications. A monopoly power unaccountable to anyone, and free to continue to crush and exploit small businesses across the nation. Congress wields power too -- given to them by the American people -- to rein in monopolies. Amazon’s disregard for truth and accountability means it’s time for the House Judiciary Committee on Antitrust to use that power. Subpoena Jeff Bezos.

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Why a subpoena?

The House Judiciary Committee on Antitrust has already boldly called on Amazon for answers about its monopolistic abuse of small businesses. Amazon’s lawyer responded with disregard, likely misleading the bipartisan committee-- conduct it labeled “possibly criminally false or perjurious.” Amazon is also potentially withholding key documents and information required by the committee. A subpoena will compel Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos to testify, and force the company to share important documents and information that the committee needs to complete its investigation in the interests of the public.

Why Amazon’s monopoly power matters

After a year of bipartisan investigations into Amazon’s impact on our economy and democracy, its “stranglehold” only expanded during this pandemic, with $75 billion in sales reported in the last quarter alone. Amazon’s unprecedented monopoly power enabled it to become one of the top 3 most valuable public companies in the world, helps it bend local governments to its will across the nation, and has insulated the company from public accountability as it ignores, delays and obscures basic COVID-19 safeguards for workers. Amazon also spies on small businesses on its platform to copy their products and drive them out of business.

Amazon’s goal is to be the only place left where anyone can buy anything, resulting in less or no choice, higher prices, and our democracy and communities in shambles.

The committee has already asked Bezos to testify. And 66 groups signed a letter to the committee demanding they subpoena Bezos and other key tech executives, along with all necessary documents that they might be withholding.

Tell Congress to Subpoena Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO

We must urge Congress to continue to boldly use the power we have granted them to protect our communities from unaccountable monopoly power. Join thousands of others to call your member of Congress, thank them for putting the spotlight on Amazon and other big tech - and demand they finish the job and subpoena Jeff Bezos and all documents required for him to testify individually along with Facebook, Google and Apple CEOs before the House Judiciary Committee on Antitrust.